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Below is a poem written by Mike Troy, Poet Laureate of Hillsborough, NC. The name of a past show at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts was his inspiration. A loving thanks to Mike for sharing his friendship and talent with us.


Work with water, play with fire:

Elements of man's desire;

The heath at dawn, the heather drenched,

The dew by which desire is quenched.

Desire fed is conflagration;

Desire quenched is meditation.

As a child, but never since,

I played with the elements.

Must we always play to win?

Can't we find child's play again?

Ignore the sky, try looking down;

Play with fire upon the ground.

You teeter, feel your balance steady;

Memory's spark is every ready.

The childish spirit. heart and mind

Are there if you will bend your spine.

Let the fire remain an ember;

What we had forgot, remember.

9-28-07 Michael Troy

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